The Little Company That Can – and Does





Ripple Effects is a small company with a big impact. We are the global leader in the use of learner-directed technology to address non-academic things that affect the safety, happiness, school performance and behavior of children and youth. We impact things like what kids and teens believe about themselves and how they get a feel for other people, how they manage feelings and control impulses, how they can get respect and how they can show it; how they deal with the challenges that come up in families, schools and neighborhoods, empowering even small children to be good problem solvers.

We’re biased. We admit it.

At Ripple Effects We have a bias in favor of the poor – not just the financially poor, but kids who are emotionally, mentally, or physically at a disadvantage as well. That’s why the Bouncy program is free for families; why it includes a back-story of hardship, even abuse; why thriving with disabilities is an underlying theme.

Our programs are proven to work.

Teens and preteens who are exposed to Ripple Effects show more empathy and problem solving skills, better grades, fewer absences, and lower discipline and suspension rates than kids who don’t. That’s how it got on the government’s list of evidence-based, children’s mental health and substance abuse prevention programs. About 300,000 kids have access to Ripple Effects elementary and teen programs through their schools, but waiting until second grade to deal with stuff that we know can cause kids to fall and fail before then, is too late. The iPad-based Bouncy program develops social and emotional strengths even earlier, starting with promoting kindergarteners’ sense of confidence about learning and participating in school.