Born for Greatness

The Dalai Lama has two legs.
Bouncy has three.Eric-Hoffer-Finalist-Seal-2015

The Dalai Lama is bald.
Bouncy has a lot of fur.

They both misbehaved
and had to learn to sit still.

And they were both born for greatness.

So is every child.

Meet Bouncy, the endearing three-legged teacher who can inspire every child to become a great leader, and to be greatly of service to others. Captivating illustrations and a heart-warming story make the case that leaders – even very young ones, even poor and misbehaving ones – are found and trained for greatness. They do not arrive fully formed.

Abundant research shows that students of all ages rise or fall to fulfill the expectations of trusted adults around them. This book reinforces the highest expectations for young learner’s. Even students from harsh personal backgrounds will realize that they too are born for greatness when they see the little boy in Tibet who became one of the world’s greatest teachers, and the disabled dog who overcame tremendous obstacles to become the world’s greatest People Trainer.