Bouncy's You Can Learn - School Edition Data Management



Bouncy’s You Can Learn- School Edition allows teachers to track student progress locally and see how far each has gone toward completion of badges for each level.






Did they do it? Did it work? Did it matter?

There are three sets of questions about every intervention teacher need answers to:

  1. Did students use it? Did they complete the intervention?
  2. Did it do what it intended? In the case of Bouncy’s You Can Learn app, did it increase self-efficacy about learning?
  3. Did it matter to school success? Did it result in great engagement with school? Better behavioral outcomes? Better academic outcomes?

You Can Learn-School Edition includes an easy to use data management system for teachers to answer the first two sets of questions, and to correlate that data with answers to the third question set. Teachers can monitor student progress toward completion of the five levels, and evaluate student gains in self-efficacy as registered on the Howmuch-ometer.