Why Bouncy? To Prepare Your Child for Greatness


Children learn more when parents join them

Your child – and every child – was born for greatness. That’s what Bouncy, the adorable three-legged canine believes, and that’s what we at Ripple Effects believe. But greatness doesn’t happen automatically, or just by telling kids how wonderful they are. It takes desire, optimism, effort and perseverance. That’s what Bouncy teaches.

You so want your child to thrive, but EVERY child is going to run into a rough patch at some point. Some kids face a big challenge in learning to read. Others may struggle with self-control. Still others don’t find it easy to get along. Some face economic hardship and neighborhood violence.

Bouncy’s You Can Learn App for iPad

All kids, regardless of talent or circumstance, will have to manage the stress of living in a world that’s changing faster than at any time in human history. You’d like to help them, but the world they have to adjust to, and eventually lead, is not the world you grew up in. Being able to learn new things, even when it’s hard, even under stressful circumstances, may be the most important advantage you can give your child. That’s what Bouncy offers.

Bouncy’s You Can Learn app is designed to promote your child’s confidence about learning, and convince them they CAN do, whatever they set their sights on doing . . . reading, controlling themselves, getting along with others, even skateboarding, if they: a) care enough, b) believe they can learn to do it, c) try hard, and d) keep trying even when things are tough.

There are lots of free resources for your child found on the Kids pages.

Bouncy’s You Can Learn app is now available for iPad – free from the App Store.