Teacher Resource Downloads

You Can Learn School Edition is especially designed for classroom use and beyond. As as licensed user, the following resources are available for you to download, print and use as part of the program. These supplemental resources can help you implement the program with fidelity, engage community and extend classroom learning.

Teacher’s GuideTeacher Guide thumbnail

Step-by-step directions for delivering the program to best effect. Includes individual lesson plans with themes, concepts, learning objectives, background scripts, extension activities, and parent involvement prompts.

Bouncy Teacher Guide


You Can Learn Badges

Reinforce success by printing and displaying badges as students complete each level.




You Can

Keep Trying

Student/Device Tracking Page

Tracking sheet for keeping track of student logins

Student Track Sheet


Parent Letters

Extend classroom learning to home with letters to parents in Chinese, Spanish and English.

Lessons                     Chinese                                     Spanish                         English

Born for Greatness      P12_Set Stage Ltr_Chinese         P11_Set Stage Ltr Sp       P10_Set Stage Ltr

You Belong                 P17_You Belong Ltr_ Chinese      P16_You Belong Ltr Sp    P15_You Belong Ltr

You Can                     P26_You Can Ltr_Chinese           P25_You Can Ltr Sp         P24_You Can Ltr

Care                           P31_Care Ltr_Chinese                 P30_Care Ltr Sp              P29_Care Ltr

Believe                       P35_Believe Ltr_Chinese            P34_Believe Ltr Sp           P33_Believe Ltr

Try                             P40_Try Ltr_Chinese                  P39_Try Ltr Sp                 P38_Try Ltr

Keep Trying                P45_Keep Trying Ltr_Chinese     P44_Keep Trying Ltr Sp     P43_Keep Trying Ltr


Supplemental Resources
Coloring sheets and music downloads for hands-on learning


Lesson Coloring Sheets            Spanish                           English

You Belong Lesson                      I Belong_Spanish              I Belong_English         

You Can Lesson                          I Can_Spanish                   I Can_English

Care Lesson                               Care_Spanish                    Care_English

Believe Lesson                           Believe_Spanish                Believe_English

Try Lesson                                 Try_Spanish                      Try_English

Keep Trying Lesson                     Keep Trying_ Spanish       Keep Trying_English



I Remember Coloring Sheets

Click on a picture to see it and download it.

bouncy and clouds Bouncy Watches the Clouds bouncy in shelter” width= Bouncy in the Shelter
bouncy tries seesaw” width= Bouncy Tries the Seesaw bouncy tries seesaw” width= Bouncy and Delphy Together

Music Downloads

Click on the arrow to hear the song. Click on the drums to download it in Firefox, Opera or Chrome.

music button 1” width= I Can
Bill Ray, Vocals and Guitar
music button 2” width= I Can Skatepark Mix
By Roane Holman; Shakeel Ali, Vocals
music button 3” width= Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
Oakland Youth Chorus; Michael Smolens, Balaphon
music button 4” width= I Care Suite for Piano
Improvisations on a theme by Michael Smolens