Tech FAQs

Question: How do I remove a user in Bouncy?

Answer: There is no way to remove a single user from the free Parent Edition. You can get rid of ALL existing users by deleting the app and reinstalling it. You will want to do this once all the slots are full. Just make sure everyone’s done getting their badges, or don’t mind starting over.

In the Teacher Edition, individual user records on that iPad can be deleted. Select the Teacher button during login.

The School Edition has a code secured log-in that allows teachers to review the progress of all students using the program across devices. You get your code when you register your app. Tap the Teacher button during login,  then enter the code to get to the data management screen that allows you to edit student records or delete them individually.

Question: The camera doesn’t work when I tap the green camera button to log in. The screen is black and nothing happens when I hit the button. The camera works fine by itself. I erased the Bouncy app and downloaded it again, but the camera still won’t work.

Answer: The camera is probably turned off for the Bouncy app. To check and fix this, go to Settings and look for Bouncy in the list of apps at the bottom of the Settings menu. Tap it and look at the menu on the right. If the camera slider is greyed out, it’s turned off just for Bouncy. Tap it so it slides to the right and turns green. The camera is now back on.

When you launch Bouncy for the first time, the iPad may ask, “Do you want this app to access your camera?” If you answer “no,” you can’t use the iPad camera in Bouncy. The off setting will not change, even if you delete the app and download it again. You just need to turn it back on in settings.

You can still log in if the camera is off: just type a name or nickname.

Question: I can’t hear any audio in Bouncy, but I can still hear audio in my Music app, You Tube and the Internet.

Answer: There are two things to check first: your mute and the number of other open apps.

Your mute may be on. Mute turns off game audio (like in Bouncy), alerts and notifications, but still plays audio from the internet, movies, music, or podcasts. To check this, slide up the control panel from under the dock at the bottom of the screen. The hashed audio bell icon will be white if the mute is on. Turn it off.

If you don’t see the hashed audio bell icon in the control panel, the mute is being controlled by the side switch.  It’s next to the physical volume buttons on the side of the iPad. If the red dot is showing, the mute is on. Slide the switch to turn off the mute.

For more information see:

There are online videos that explain this on You Tube and Vimeo

You may have too many other open apps. Tap twice on the home button, and then close them all except for Bouncy, by flicking their screens up, off the top of the screen.

You may need to restart your iPad. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top, until the slider appears that gives youth option to power off. Do this by dragging the slider. Restart your iPad by holding down the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.

You may need to reboot your iPad. This time, hold down the Home button while holding down the Sleep/Wake button. Then restart as above.

For more information on restarting or rebooting see:

 Question: My child was using Bouncy and it suddenly crashed for no reason. Why?

Answer: The iPad does not automatically close an app when you leave it. If too many apps are open at once, there may not be enough memory needed to process all the information. If a crash happens, first make sure all other apps are closed, then restart the Bouncy program.

 Question: We were doing the app and it suddenly it switched to my camera app. How’s that?

Answer: A user’s two finger “swipe” on the page can potentially switch users to any other open program on the iPad. If that happens, “swipe” back to the Bouncy app and tap it to continue in the program, and/or close other apps. Tell kids to use just one finger to swipe within the app.

Question: My child wasn’t finished and Bouncy just closed. What happened?

Answer: You can save kids from the frustration of accidentally leaving the program (which happens when they “grab” or “swipe” the screen) by turning off “multi-tasking gestures.” On the iPad, go to Settings -> General, over to Multitasking Gestures, and slide it OFF.