Research Background of Bouncy the People Trainer

Bouncy the People Trainer’s early learning program represents the applied synthesis of research in the fields of social-emotional learning, developmental brain studies, instructional methodology, game design, story telling and cultural competence. Its goal is to develop self-efficacy, executive function, and social-emotional competence in early learners at risk of school failure, in order to improve academic, social and behavioral outcomes.

re_awardsAdaptation of a proven system

Ripple Effects Whole Spectrum Intervention System (grades 2-11) is a multi-award winning, learning platform, library of content and expert system listed on the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP), with high scores for research quality and implementation fidelity. It has had positive impact on both internal assets and school performance of elementary, middle and high school students. More than a decade of research indicates that self-directed use by elementary, middle and high school students has resulted in increased empathy and problem solving scores, higher grades, lower dropout rates, more pro-social behavior and fewer discipline problems. (Bass et al, 2008; DeLong Cotti, 2009).

Waiting until second grade to begin this kind of scalable, social-emotional learning intervention, is too late, especially for students who enter kindergarten at elevated risk for school failure. Behavior problems in second grade predict significantly higher risk for life-long, negative academic, health and behavioral outcomes.